izzue looks to the future, embracing cross-cultural conversation, the needs of a global citizen, and the new ways we all get dressed. One of Asia's most dynamic fashion labels, izzue remains flexible and reactive, responding to the ever-evolving society we live in. They are committed to looking beyond borders, and enthusiastic about searching far and wide for inspiration, embracing the heritage of their native Hong Kong while being inspired by global design. First and foremost, they are savvy to the realities of now. Their motto 'Live it Real', established 20 years ago, remains relevant to today; izzue creates relevant, desirable clothes for busy people on the move.

izzue emerged in 1999, and has, over the decades, transformed from an adored and much-celebrated local label in Hong Kong to a leading Asian brand with more than 90 stores throughout Greater China, Singapore, Canada and The United Kingdom.

izzue embraces collaboration and conversation. They are passionate about celebrating the talents and strengths of their wide-range of collaborators, including iconic brands such as Alpha Industries, Champion, Fred Perry, G-Shock, Kappa, Neighborhood, Neighborhood, Reebok, Rimowa, Tricker's – all selected for being true leaders in their fields, with a wealth of design and craft expertise.

Art has always been a source of inspiration for izzue's designers and the brand has collaborated with both renowned and up-and-coming artists throughout the years. They seek to work with those who consider our ideas of the contemporary and the future; those who question and boldly speak out. They have featured Jean-Michel Basquiat's pioneering artwork and the political works of UK-based graffiti artist Banksy.

As part of their focus on both the new and the now, izzue is committed to fostering the next generation of fashion talents. They are a proud organizer of regional fashion design contests, offering emerging designers a valuable showcase and the chance to express themselves with their work. izzue has worked with Tsinghua University, Beijing, and has recently partnered with Central Saint Martin's of University of the Arts London to offer students real-life production and media communications expertise, therefore giving young talents the invaluable opportunity to introduce their designs to the commercial world.

izzue celebrates the diverse cultural output of fellow Asian creatives, working with numerous influencers and fashion icons. Friends of the brand include acclaimed actors Maggie Cheung, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Yousuke Kubozuka and Zhou Xun, and artist Luhan.

Going forward, izzue hopes to continue to collaborate with global figures, reaching out to a whole new audience of design and style fans. They were the first Hong Kong brand to ever stage an on-schedule show at London Fashion Week – a considerable milestone. izzue is forever expanding its focus.

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